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Dr. Kyla McMullen is the first African American woman to graduate with a PhD in computer science at the University of Michigan.
Feb.29.2016 · From Admin
Dr. Jason Mars is co-director of Clarity Lab, a computer science research lab dedicated to producing “the future brightest research minds and leaders in the field (while doing high impact research).” His work involves warehouse scale computers (WSCs).
Feb.28.2016 · From Admin
Dr. Raychelle Burks, a chemist, created the first ever DIYSciZone at GeekGirlCon held every year in Seattle, Washington. The Do-It-Yourself zone gets girls involved in science with hands-on science learning activities.
Feb.27.2016 · From Admin
Dr. Maydianne Andrade, a zoologist, has the enviable job of studying cannibalistic spiders. Dr. Andrade's career might seem like something out of a horror film (her favorite genre).
Feb.26.2016 · From Admin
Derrick Pitts, an atmospheric scientist, is the Chief Astronomer and Director of the Fels Planetarium at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA. He is known for his unique ability to explain the deep, complexities of the universe.
Feb.25.2016 · From Admin
Dr. Theresa Singleton was awarded the Society of Historical Archaeology J.C. Harrington Award in 2014 at the Society of Historical Archaeology's Annual Conference in Leicester, England.
Feb.24.2016 · From Admin