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Dr. Juan E. Gilbert is a computer scientist and the first African American chair of the Department of Computer & Information Science & Engineering at the University of Florida. He strongly believes, "Diverse minds create diverse solutions." and has been an active advocate for diversity in STEM.
Feb.27.2017 · From Admin
Dr. Pamela J. Williams is a mathematician who is a Senior Consultant in the Math Modeling Group at LMI - a non-profit dedicated to improving the management of government.
Feb.25.2017 · From Admin
Dr. Halima Moncrieffe is an award winning immunologist who has done groundbreaking research in childhood arthritis.
Feb.22.2017 · From Admin
Dr. Korey Sewell is a CPU Performance Engineer at Apple. He is also the founder of Hands-On Technology Education, LLC, in San Diego, California, an after-school and summer camp computer science program for elementary and middle-school age students.
Feb.21.2017 · From Admin
Dr. Cinda Scott, a marine biologist, is the Center Director-Tropical Island Biodiversity Studies (TIBS), School for Field Studies, Panama. where undergraduate students are part of the Environmental Field Studies Abroad program.
Feb.20.2017 · From Admin
In 2007 Emmett Chappelle, a biochemist, was inducted to the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his work on bio-luminescence, which is light produced by living organisms. He holds fourteen United States patents.
Feb.20.2017 · From Admin