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Mar.21.2017 · In Space Science · From MarcellaMuhammad
On August 21, 2017, a 121-mile wide shadow will sweep across North America as millions of people revel in a total solar eclipse — the first one to run from sea to shining sea since 1918.
Aug.01.2016 · In Biology · From MarcellaMuhammad
0 likes "Have a look at that dark purple blob on the left, there." With those words, scientists aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus uncovered a marine mystery: a small purple orb tucked halfway under a rock off the coa…
Aug.01.2016 · In Other · From MarcellaMuhammad
African-American men are one of the only minority groups not making progress in STEM. Advocates consistently beat the drum to find ways to engage more female and minority students in STEM fields, which are still largely dominated by men. But within that group is perhaps one of the most underrepresen…
Aug.01.2016 · In Chemistry · From MarcellaMuhammad
Dr. Jalaal Hayes (center) made Delaware State University history by becoming the youngest-ever doctoral graduate at age 22. Dr. Hayes of Philadelphia was conferred a Ph.D. in Applied Chemistry during the Dec. 20 Commencement. Standing with Dr. Hayes are his advisor Dr. Andrew Goudy, professor of che…
Jun.20.2016 · In Psychology · From MarcellaMuhammad
People who have a shortened MAOA gene do not produce a protein needed to break down old serotonin in their brains. These people are more likely to be agitated, aggressive, and impulsive.  According to the study published in Comprehensive Psychiatry, 34.6% of whites and 53.4% of blacks have 2-repeat …
Jun.12.2016 · In Chemistry · From MarcellaMuhammad
 If you purchased the drink Dasani water you might want to listen up. There has been a major recall by the Coca-Cola company today after several thousand bottles of their drinking water was found to be contaminated with a parasite. It has sent several hundred people to the hospital and is responsibl…
Jun.11.2016 · In Achievement · From MarcellaMuhammad
Johnson Research and Development Co. and founder Lonnie Johnson have been in a royalty dispute with Hasbro since February, when the company filed a claim against the giant toy company. According to King & Spalding, which along with the A. Leigh Baier P.C. law firm represented Johnson, Hasbro und…
Apr.19.2016 · In Companies & Co-workers · From JurnellCockhren
Following in the footsteps of #openness at Buffer, we are making our contribution to solving gender and race inequality in the workplace by publishing our workforce demographics. Take a look at our rationale for doing this. http://s…
Apr.10.2016 · In Computer Science · From MarcellaMuhammad
Jalen Bobbitt, Senior student of Arabia Mountain High is committed to helping develop and encourage high-risk students. He is doing his part when he created a STEM Wars Competition for middle school students so they can be better prepared for science, technology, engineering, and math careers. “The …
Mar.20.2016 · In Science & Innovations · From MarcellaMuhammad
In a series of famous studies, researchers found that kindergartners had no stereotypes at all. But by the second grade, they all had one standard image, and it was - a scientist wore a white lab coat and glasses. And he was always a white man. Isn't it about time to change that stereotype??  This …